Hamsa' Wall Art

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Hamsa hand wood décor will fill white spaces, bare walls, and create a modern eclectic bohemian style living space, full of personality and good energy.

The "Hand of Fatima" is beloved and familiar. The design is based on the religious hamsa pattern which symbolizes protection and luck. Its unique shape and pattern will bring good vibes and energy to your living room, dining room, bedroom, yoga studio, or home practice space.

• One wood "Hamsa".

• 1 Natural Wood
• 2 Gold
• 3 Copper
• 4 Rustic - Black & Copper
• 5 Turquoise

• Poplar wood
• Acrylic and oil paints

• Dimensions: 5.90" * 3.93" / 15cm * 10 cm
• Thickness: 0.23" / 6mm

Please note: this wall decor is created using natural wood. Therefore, the wood grains and color can slightly vary from one piece to another, making each piece one of a kind.

Packing: Our artwork is expertly packaged with palette grade cardboard and nano gel. The packages are beautiful and can be sent directly as gifts. 

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